Greater Little Rock Baptist Church

We are in prayer for............

Sister Annie Walker
Sister Dorothy Williams - healing
Brother L.C. Riggins - healing
Brother Herman Tomblin - healing
Brother Michael Hall - healing
Sister Will-Lena Jones - healing (sister of Sister Mary Jones)
Sister Patricia Reed – healing (sister of Sister Sonja Cody)
Brother Hubert Little - healing (brother of Sister Marjorie Simpson)
Sister Kalyma Johnson - healing (sister of Sister Aniba Johnson)
Sister Lois Canty – healing
Deacon Henry Mays, Sr. - healing (father of Sister Lena Billingslea)
Deacon Solomon Mays, Sr. (uncle of Sister Lena Billingslea)
Brother Eddie Adams - healing
Sister Frances Jones - healing
Brother Michael Spencer - healing 
(uncle of Deacon Johnny Deshazer)
Sister Shantwon Richardson - healing
Pastor and Sister Ralph Cherry - bereavement
Sister Eudell Graham - healing