Sis Lois Canty
The Nation – Covid-19 disease

The Nation - Our Children (Gun Violence)
Sis Barbara Bivins
Sis Sherry Collins
Sis Eudell Graham
Sis Hattie Bonner

Deacon L.C. Riggins

Bro Clyde Hayes (godfather of Sis Luan Danzy-Gross)

Bro Antonio Durant, Jr. (grandson of Pastor and Sis. Kelley)

Deacon Vereza Hill, Jr.

​Sis Shameika Seymour

Deacon Johnny Deshazer, Sr.

Sis Mary Deshazer

Sis Melissa Deshazer

Sis Keturah Meadows

Brother Darrius Wiliams

Brother Troy Singleton

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Traveling Mercies


Sis Kimberly Graham

Sis Luan "Kim" Danzy-Gross

Sis Lynesa Sweeting

​Master Taiden Johnson