Greater Little Rock Baptist Church

We are in prayer for............

​Mother Gloria Reynolds – healing
Mother Gracie Simpson- healing
Bro. Oscar Banks – healing
Sis. Emma Peacock - healing  (mother of Bro. Oscar Banks)
Sis. Lori Anderson - healing
Sis Mary Jones – healing
Bro. Eddie Adams - healing
Master Julius Johnson – healing

(grandson of Rev. Charles and Lady Wendy Jackson)
The Simpson and Foster Families- bereavement)
Sis Betty Wright – healing (aunt of Sis Wendy Robinson)
Sis Gloria Johnson-healing (niece of Sis Wendy Robinson)
Sis Pamela Mills – healing (sister of Bro Michael Hall)
Sis Susie Robinson-healing (sister-in-law of Sis. Wendy Robinson)
Sis Oragellnella Causey-healing (cousin of Sis. Linda Blue)
Sis Mary Thomas- healing (aunt of Sis. Linda Blue)
Bro. Michael Glover-healing
Sis Daisy Orr- healing
Bro Henry Mays, Sr. – healing (father of Sis. Lena Billingslea)
Bro Solomon Mays, Sr -healing- (uncle of Sis. Lena Billingslea)
Bro Kenneth Robinson- bereavement
Bro Theodore Gross – healing (husband of Sis Luan (Kim) Danzy-Gross)

Traveling Mercies
Sis. Kimberlee Graham
The Simpson and Foster Families

Pastor and First Lady Kelley