Benevolent Ministry - Deacon Jarvis Wright

Chairman of the Deacons Ministry - Deacon James Murphy

Couples Ministry - Deacon & Deconess Hill Sr.

Culinary Ministry - Currently Vacant

Deaconess Ministry - Sister Lesa Kelley

Early Morning Enrichment - Deacon Paul Williamson

Food Bank/Outreach Ministry - Sister Pamela Tomblin

Hospitality Ministry - Sister Luan (Kim) Gross-Danzy

Male Choir - Deacon Albert Collins

Male Ushers - Currently Vacant

Mass Choir President - Sister Sonya Bell

Men's Ministry (JUST US) - Pastor Paul Kelley

Mother Board Ministry - Sister Lucille Meadows

Musician - Aspen Green

Pastor’s Aid - Currently Vacant
Praise Ensemble - Sister Tyra Parsons

Transportation Ministry - Deacon Lewis Riggins

Ushers Ministry - Sister Kimberly Wright

Women’s Outreach - Sister Lucille Meadows

Women’s Ministry (FLO – For Ladies Only) - Sister Lesa Kelley
Youth Choir - Brother Darius Williams

Youth Ministry - Sister Ellisha Deshazer & Brother Reginald Parsons

Youth Ushers - Currently Vacant